KELLY FLAHERTY (M.S./M.S.), assisted as a curatorial intern on Nation at the Crossroads: The Great New  York Debate over the Constitution, 1787-1788 at the New York Historical Society this summer and fall.   The exhibition opened November 14, 2008 and has been extended indefinitely, set to become a part of  the New York Historical Society’s permanent exhibitions on the fourth floor.  Kelly is listed in the  credits on the companion website:

(M.S./M.S) is currently the Gadget Wrangler at Bug Labs (  She is the head of  the electronics lab for hackers and makers to experiment with modular gadgets.  Her robotics work has  recently been published in Wired (Nov), New York Times (Dec), Hack-a-day (Dec), and Business Week  (Jan).

DAN JAKUBOWSKI (M.S.) presented Julie Mehretu and the Global Community at the Africana Studies and  Research Center of Cornell University inMarch 2008.  The presentation will be published in an  accompanyingjournal titled “Diasporic Bodies and Visual Culture: Contemporary African and Diasporic  African Art Perspectives.” In Cairo throughout the Spring 2009 semester, he was interning at the  Townhouse Gallery of Contemporary Art and developing a thesis, exploring the gallery’s international  resident artists and their interaction with the city.  He will be continuing his studies as a  doctorate fellow at University of Florida this fall.

GILLIAN SNEED (M.S.) has been accepted to SUNY Stony Brook’s PhD in art history and criticism program  for Fall 2009, where she plans to continue her studies in modern and contemporary performance art. She  will also continue her participation in Pratt in Venice as Professor Gisolfi’s summer program  assistant.