It was a busy week for HAD faculty at this year’s CAA conference in Chicago as several faculty members presented papers in sessions.

Prof. Frima Fox Hofrichter, a member of the CAA’s Committee of Women in the Arts, chaired the session Old Women, Witches, and Old Wives. This session initiated a dialogue on the subject of older women, gender, and social history from the early modern period to contemporary times—section of society that has previously had little scholarly attention. Prof. Vanessa Rocco also spoke in this session on Lucia Moholy’s Photographs of Clara Zetkin.

Old Women, Witches and Wives

Prof. Marsha Morton spoke in the session: An Audience of One: Assessing the Arts of Privacy on In the Shadow of Biedermeier: Max Klinger and the Exposure of Privacy.

Prof. Diana Gisolfi spoke in the session Fifty Years after Berenson: His Legacy and Phenomenon on Berenson, Vasari, Verona, and Venice.

In addition, members of the Search Committee for Department Chair: Profs  Hofrichter, Marsha Morton, and Katarina Posch conducted several interviews with out-of-town colleagues attending the conference.

Other events at CAA included a launch party for the new Janson book (8th edition) of which Prof. Hofrichter is a contributing author, and a gala held at the Art Institute of Chicago’s New Wing.