Eva Díaz‘s essay on the work of the artist-team Bradley McCallum and Jacqueline Tarry (who teach at Pratt in the Arts Administration program) will appear in 2011 in the catalog for their mid-career retrospective, Bearing Witness, produced by The Contemporary Museum in Baltimore in conjunction with six venues throughout Baltimore and Distributed Arts Publishers.  Additionally, Eva will present a paper on a related topic on the panel “Imagining History in Proximity of Race” at the CAA Annual Conference in February 2011.

Eva’s essay on Josef Albers’s designs for Command Classics record albums appeared in the Spring 2010 issue of Cabinet, released this June.  Her essay on the Pictures Generation show at the Metropolitan Museum was featured in the current issue of the new journal The Exhibitionist, which was founded this year by curator Jens Hoffmann.

Album art for "Persuasive Percussion" Album Art for "Provocative Percussion, Volume 3"Album Art from "Persuasive Percussion, Volume 3"

Eva was interviewed by the artist Josh Melnick for his publication about film, photography, and NYC subways titled The 8 Train, which will soon be released by Art in General.

Additionally, her recent work about the influence of Buckminster Fuller on contemporary art, titled “Dome Culture in the 21st Century,” will appear in the forthcoming issue of the MIT Press journal Grey Room.