Professor Jack Toolin will be giving a talk at Dorkbot-NYC next week in conjunction with the C5 Landscape Initiative.

Location One, 26 Greene St., 212-334-3347
Wednesday, Oct. 6th, 7–9 PM

The Landscape Initiative considers the navigation, representation, and perception of landscape in light of growing technological mediation brought about by locative media. It is composed of four projects: Analogous Landscape, Other Path, Perfect View, and The C5 Media Player, and was produced by the art collaborative C5, formerly based in Silicon Valley. GPS, satellite imaging, computer graphics, etc. allow us to conceptualize our experience of landscape in complex ways. The four projects composing the Landscape Initiative apply navigating and mapping technologies, data mining, photography and video, as well as sculpture to conduct and convey the projects’ underlying concepts. Questions explored include: How do locative media affect the phenomenological experience of the natural environment? In what ways do these technologies enhance the experience of nature? Can landscape-as-data be sublime?”

Learn more about Prof. Toolin’s activities here.