Mary D. Edwards Adjunct Professor with CEE published an article entitled, “On Duccio’s Christ and the Woman from Samara, Painted for the Maestà,” in Source: Notes in the History of Art, XXIX, No. 4 , pp.10-15. In it she notes that Duccio conceived the well on which Jesus sits as eight-sided and made it the size appropriate for a baptismal font of the type common in Duccio’s day. She then argues that a reference to baptism was intentional on Duccio’s part, supporting her argument with texts by St. Augustine that link the rite of baptism with the number eight.

Edwards also is the current president of the 14th-century Society, a group of scholars who write interdisciplinary papers on fourteenth-century culture for presentation at the annual medieval congress in Kalamazoo, Michigan.