November 6 – 21, 2010

Temporary Storage
120 Ingraham Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11237

Opening reception: Saturday, November 6, 6-10 pm
Closing party (featuring a performance by Tao Lin): November 21, 6-9 pm

Hours: Weekends, 12-6pm, or by appointment (347-262-4135)
*open until 7pm on November 14th for the BETA Spaces festival

Temporary Storage Projects kicks off its programming at Brooklyn Fire Proof with AFTER WE MET, a multi-disciplinary exhibition organized by guest curator Claudia Eve Beauchesne, a second year grad student at HA&D, and featuring works by local and international artists.

These days, most relationships are formed and/or maintained online, but our mediated exchanges are still shaped by memories of face to face meetings, and sustained by the prospect of future encounters. AFTER WE MET is an exploration of the ties that can bind two people on a personal level or in an artistic context. Some of the works were made by two artists working in collaboration; others are formal or conceptual representations of interpersonal relationships made by a single artist; others still are remnants of past affiliations, or salvaged fragments of virtual exchanges. The participating artists live in different cities and work in diverse mediums, but their artistic practices and this exhibition are the products of true connections. Shown side by side, the works form a dialogue and become part of a larger conversation. After we met, this is what we made.

Participating Artists:
Bittertang (Michael Loverich & Antonio Torres)
Peter Giang
Shawn Kuruneru
Kristin Loekegaard & Ingvill Sunnby (NOR)
Blaze McKenzie & Jeffrey McKenzie
Dexter Miranda
Must Burn Books (Greem Jellyfish & Diana Ro)
Eduardo Paulo
Bill Sullivan
Dang Trinh & Thanh Truc Trinh (CAN)
Greg Wasserstrom