Galia Halpern, 2007 MS/MLIS alumna and current doctoral student at the Institute of Fine Arts at NYU has been awarded a Fellowship by the Max-Planck Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florence and the Getty Foundation for the “Art, Space and Mobility in the Early Ages of Globalization: The Mediterranean, Central Asia and the Indian Subcontinent  (MeCAIS) 400-1650” project.  The goals of the Art, Space and Mobility project are to study the premodern artistic and cultural interactions in these areas and contribute to the transnational debate on “global art history” and the methodological discussions within cultural theories in general. Doctoral and postdoctoral students in the fellowship program in collaboration with scholars from the region will create a research network that goes beyond the traditional area of studies in the MeCAIS region.

Galia Halpern graduated from our MS program in 2007 after completing her thesis Outside/Inside: Mapmakers and the Geography of Monstrous Races with her advisor Prof. Dorothy Shepard.