SUNY Binghamton Art History
Crossing the Boundaries, Annual Interdisciplinary Conference, 2011
Call for papers on Conflict

Conflict. The many manifestations of conflict including those involving bodies, borders, ideologies, politics, and aesthetics have generated spaces both volatile and productive. These spaces have proven fruitful for the discussion, production, and exhibition of art works. Furthermore, we would like to ask what role the act of looking plays in engendering environments and/or experiences of conflict or confrontation. We are looking for papers that deal with conflict as it is represented within cultural production as well how practices of exhibiting, viewing, circulating, aesthetizing, cataloguing, archiving, and historicizing works of art also incite, suggest, or actively generate conflict. This conference will ultimately highlight the ambiguities between politics and art, between the social and the representational.

We welcome 250-word abstracts from graduate students from all disciplines due by March 4th, 2011. Please send abstracts and a CV to CTB2011[at]gmail[dot]com.

Crossing the Boundaries is an annual interdisciplinary graduate student conference organized by the Art History Graduate Student Organization at Binghamton University and will be held on April 15th-16th, 2011. We are honored to have as our guest keynote speaker Elizabeth Otto, Assistant Professor in the department of Visual Studies at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Professor Otto will give a talk on her recent work for The New Woman International, a forthcoming book which is a collection of essays on representations of New Womanhood as it developed from the late nineteenth through the early twentieth century. As co-editor and co-author of the text’s introduction, Professor Otto’s work focuses on the ways in which the concept of the New Woman generated conflicting notions of femininity and how the transgressive nature of this gender construction has informed visual culture, particularly the practices of photography and film. Otto’s talk, entitled “The New Woman International: Representations in Photography and Film from the 1870s through the 1960s,” will be presented on Friday, April 15th and will be followed the next day with a faculty keynote talk given by SUNY Binghamton’s Thomas McDonough, Associate Professor and Chair of the Art History Department.