“My Stuff, Your Stuff, Our Stuff: Locating Cultural Exchange in the Realms of Art and Material Culture”
Friday and Saturday, March 9 and 10, 2012
Keynote: Friday evening, Dr. Wanda Corn, Professor Emerita of Art History, Stanford University

The Art History and Archaeology Association at the University of Missouri, in association with the Department of Art History at the University of Kansas, invite submissions that take an object-based approach to the role of cross cultural exchange in the realms of art and material culture.

Objects are often influenced by a variety of sources such as external material culture, religion, philosophical thought, and ideologies.  We seek papers that explore how the exchange of ideas across cultures, time periods, and geographic regions have influenced the production of art and material culture.

Topics from any historical period of Art History, Archaeology, Material Culture, and related fields will be considered for 20 minute presentations.  All presentations will be held on Saturday, March 10.

Submissions should be submitted electronically to AHA2012MUsym@gmail.com no later than January 9, 2012.  Proposals should consist of a 250-500 word abstract and CV.

Topics for discussion may include, but are not limited to:
●      Artists working abroad and/or expatriates.
●      The dissemination of cultural products.
●      The collaboration and/or interaction of artists from different cultures.
●      Material culture of diaspora.
●      Globalization in the pre-modern world.
●      Reception and/or misperception of ancient cultures by the modern world.
●      The effects of Colonization on the production of hybrid objects.
●      Creolization.
●      Hybrid artifacts as products of imitation, appropriation, negotiation, syncretism, or cultural translation.
●      Objects as sites of cultural contact.