As indicated in previous TCHADA posts, this past Fall, Professor Janice Robertson presented: Aztec Picture-Writing Meets Hypermedia And A “New World” of Writing Opens Up, at REWIRE 2011, The Fourth International Conference on Media Art Histories hosted by FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology), in Liverpool, England, Sept. 28-Oct. 1.

Robertson also presented: VoiceThread Class Projects Turn Text-Based Teaching Practices On Their Head, based on her teaching of an Art History Survey I course at Pratt Institute, in a session on “Technology in the Art History Classroom,” at the 2011 SouthEastern College Art Conference (SECAC) in Savannah, Georgia, Nov. 9-12.

Both of these presentations were transformed into VoiceThreads: they can be viewed online by clicking on the above links.  And here are the original TCHADA posts for REWIRE 2011 and SECAC!