HA&D invites you to meet the candidates, hear the lectures and participate in the evaluation of these candidates.

The Candidates, dates of visits and lecture times are listed below:

Tuesday, February 7:  Sabrina de Turk
Lecture and Q & A, 12:30-2 PM, 231 Main Hall

Tuesday, February 14:  Dorothea Dietrich
Lecture and Q & A, 12:30-2 PM, 231 Main Hall

Monday, February 27:  Matthew Landrus
Lecure and Q & A, 12:30-2 PM, 230 Main Hall

There will be a light lunch/reception during the event. Your participation will help inform the process!

Hope to see you at these events!

With best regards,

The Search Committee:
Frima Fox Hofrichter, Committee Chair
Jeff Bellantoni, Graduate Communications Design Chair
Eva Diaz, HAD professor
Diana Gisolfi, HAD professor
Dimitri Hazzikostas, HAD professor