Interested in learning more about far-Eastern culture?  Want to spend time this summer studying in Japan?  Here’s your chance!  The Architecture program at Pratt is offering a course in Japan this summer and would like HA&D students to join.  This is a fantastic opportunity to explore a new culture and study abroad, and it is sponsored (so the cost is very affordable)!

If you are interested, applications are due March 5th. If you decide you would like to apply, please contact Prof. Jonathan Martin at


Summer Course Offering: Tokyo Design and Urbanism (Summer 2012)

Estimated Cost: $1,500 + Credits

Supported by a grant from The Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership, this course introduces students to the theory, spectacle and sensibility of Japanese design and urbanism, including surveys of Japanese architecture, urban design and planning, art, film, fashion, literature and contemporary culture. The course includes a two-week study tour in Japan with visits to historic and contemporary sites in Tokyo, Kamakura, Tsukuba City and Kyoto. The course also includes opportunities to meet with professors and students from Japanese universities. Students will be exposed to Japanese contemporary culture and participate in shared-learning opportunities through coordinated activities with their classmates and Japanese colleagues. Student activities range from short lectures/seminars, guided walking tours of areas of key historical and urban importance in Tokyo, Kamakura and Kyoto. In addition, the professor will lead a variety of excursions to national museums, historic places, and important and interesting urban neighborhoods in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

For more information, please contact Professor Jonathan Martin at