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Feminism & Art History
“Judith Leyster’s Proposition–
Between Virtue and Vice”
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Haarlem: The Seventeenth
Frima Fox Hofrichter
Judith Leyster, A Dutch
Woman of the Golden Age
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Darwin: Art and the Search for Origins
“Nature and Soul: Austrian Responses to Ernst Haeckel’s Evolutionary Monism”
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The Art of Evolution: Darwin, Darwinism, and Visual Culture
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The Arts Entwined: Music and Painting in the Nineteenth Century
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Edvard Munch and the Uncanny
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Negotiating History: German Art and its Past
“German Romanticism: The Search for a Quiet Place”
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Of ‘Truths Impossible to Put in Words’: Max Beckmann Contextualized
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Max Klinger Le Théâtre de L’étrange: Les Suites Gravées 1879-1915
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Max Klinger: Wege zur Neubewertung
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Pratt and its Gallery: The Arts and Crafts Years
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Visions of Antiquity: Neoclassical Figure Drawings
“‘Imitating the Ancients’: the Revival of Art in Northern Europe”
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“Genius Has No Sex”: The Sculpture of Marcello (1836-1879)
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The Religious Paintings of Eugene
Delacroix: The Initiator of the Style of Modern Religious Art
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Italian American Arts and Culture
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Religion and the Arts
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Introducing the Lambeth Bible
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