Mary D. Edwards, Adjunct Professor with CEE, co-edited a collection of twenty-six essays on the interpretation of the physical phenomenon of gravity by artists from the Roman period to the present entitled Gravity in Art: Essays on Weight and Weightlessness in Painting, Sculpture and Photography (McFarland). Two essays, the epilogue and most of the introduction were written by her. Edwards also published an article and a short story this fall. The article is entitled ” ‘Straight and without Deviation’: the Mission of Saint Lucy as Told in Fresco by Altichiero, 1379-84,” and it is included in volume 52 of Il Santo: rivista francescana di storia dottrina arte, Focusing on the Golden Legend, Edwards analyzes the relationship between text and image in the cycle of St. Lucy in the Oratory of St. George in Padua. The story is entitled “The New Pistol” and it appears in the current Paterson Literary Review; it concerns a brother and sister growing up in Oklahoma in the Eisenhower years who are made aware of the Great Depression.