South by Southwest, by Jack Toolin

South by Southwest is a sound sculpture that harnesses windmill power to drive a gramophone-style turntable. It will be installed in a former mill in Lövestad, South Sweden, as part of the Second Triennial exhibition titled Instrument, during the month of July. The opening reception will be July 6th.

The windmill’s blades are designed along the lines of Dutch-style windmills, providing both an aesthetic link with the region and its history, and the ability to vary the potential of the blades in light of unknowns such as wind and placement. The sculpture has no energy storage technology nor power regulator, so the turntable will spin according to the fluctuation of the wind. The records to be played are a selection of Latin Pop LPs that were abandoned under the Brooklyn Queens Expressway near my home in Brooklyn.

Here’s the web site for the exhibition: