Mary D. Edwards, HA&D Adjunct Professor with CCE, participated in three scholarly conferences this semester. On 11 October she read a paper entitled “Elements of Design in Traditional Native North American Art,” in a session that she organized and chaired, “Native American Art: Past and Present, ” at the annual meeting of the Southeastern College Art Conference ( SECAC ) in Sarasota, Florida. One of the other speakers was Christina Sapega, currently pursuing an M.S. in HAD. whose paper Professor Edwards helped develop for presentation. On 18 October Edwards read her talk, “The Floating Bench in Duccio’s Annunciation of the Death of the Virgin in the Maestà (1308-11),”  at the 40th annual meeting of the Southeastern Medieval Association (SEMA) in Atlanta, Georgia. Finally, on On 25 October Edwards presented her paper, “Symbolic Levitation in a Panel in Duccio’s Maestà (1308-11),” at the 39th Conference on Patristic, Medieval and Renaissance Studies (PMR) in Villanova, Pennsylvania.

Acoma polychrome jar - ca. 1900–1920-William M. Fitzhugh CollectionAcoma, Polychrome Jar, ca. 1900 -1920 , William M. Fitzhugh Collection



Duccio-Maestà-1308-11-siena-Museo dell'OperaDuccio, Maestà , 1308-11 , Museo dell’Opera , Siena