Anca I. Lasc has recently published Designing the French Interior: The Modern Home and Mass Media (Bloomsbury 2015), a volume co-edited with Georgina Downey and Mark Taylor. The book traces France’s central role in the development of the modern domestic interior, from the pre-revolutionary period to the 1970s, and addresses the importance of various media, including drawings, prints, pattern books, illustrated magazines, department store catalogs, photographs, guidebooks, and films, in representing and promoting French interior design to a wider audience. Contributors to this original volume identify and historicize the singularity of the modern French domestic interior as a generator of reproducible images, a site for display of both highly crafted and mass-produced objects, and the direct result of widely-circulated imagery in its own right. The volume enables an invaluable new understanding of the relationship between architecture, interior spaces, material cultures, mass media and modernity. In addition to Prof. Lasc’s chapter, “Angels and Rebels: The Obsessions and Transgressions of the Modern Interior,” the book also includes essays by Jess Berry, Fae Brauer, Katherine Brion, Louise Campbell, Georgina Downey, Elizabeth Emery, Nieves Fernandez Villalobos, Peter McNeil, Elizabeth Melanson, Ronit Milano, Peter Olshavsky, John Potvin, Emilie Sitzia, Linda Stevenson, Karen Stock, Gullaume de Syon, Susan Tate, and Mark Taylor.

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