Lilian Day Thorpe - The Moon Rose Over An Open Field
Lilian Day Thorpe – The Moon Rose Over An Open Field

Currently on display at Better Being 940 restaurant (537 Ninth Ave) are twelve works of digital photomontage, “Gullkistan” and “Soft Fictions,” by fine art photographer Lilian Day Thorpe. Thorpe, who is 23, is a winner of this year’s Surface Magazine Avant Guardian photo competition. She graduated from Pratt Institute in 2014 with highest honors, and is currently earning a master’s degree in art history, also at Pratt. In the fall of 2014, Thorpe spent a month at the Gullkistan Residency for Artists in Laugarvatn, Iceland where she created a series of works inspired by the darkly beautiful stillness of the Icelandic countryside. Her senior thesis, “Soft Fictions,” combines elements from her own original photographs to create fictional landscapes reminiscent of Renaissance paintings and the works of Caspar David Friedrich, Arnold Böcklin, and others. Thorpe’s works have been shown at galleries in Iceland and in Maine.

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