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Professor Marsha Morton’s Book on Max Klinger Receives Wonderful Review

“A must-read for any scholar interested in Imperial Germany’s fascinating and often fractured cultural history.”

Professor Marsha Morton’s book published in 2014 and entitled Max Klinger and Wilhelmine Culture. On the Threshold of German Modernism, has received much praise in a review found in the Fall 2015 edition of German Quarterly. In this review (Morton Review) by Professor Sabine Wieber at Glasgow University, she highlights the importance of Professor Morton’s scholarship and progress in the field of not only Max Klinger, but also Imperial Germany and its socio-political shifts in the nineteenth century. Wieber notes that Professor Morton’s book is the first comprehensive study of Klinger in English, and an “exceptionally convincing, critical dialogue.” Accompanying her exploration of Klinger’s role in establishing an alternative modernism in German art is the inclusion of 141 high-quality black and white illustrations. Professor Morton’s book is available in hardcover and published by Ashgate.



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