The History of Art and Design’s Lecture Series is off to a great start with a successful opening by Hal Foster. Students, faculty, and visitors alike, gathered in Pratt Institute’s Memorial Hall to listen to the art critic and historian’s engaging lecture entitled Sculpture, Space, Tradition, Time. Throughout the evening, Hal Foster explored the common themes found in the work of Charles Ray, and the parallels that can be drawn between it and the Classical.

Following the lecture, Professor Evan Neely, Assistant Department Chair, facilitated a question and answer session where members of the audience were able to voice additional thoughts and inquiries.


Seen below are members of the History of Art and Design Student Association, along with Hal Foster, Professor Neely, and the Department Chair, Dr. Gayle Rodda Kurtz


The next lecture in the series will be held on April 6th at 6:30 PM in Memorial Hall. This conversation between Martha Rosler and Martha Wilson will focus on art and politics.