Unless We Change

Professor Elizabeth Meggs, along with a number of other volunteer members of the community throughout New York, recently teamed up with Boa Mistura and Open Source Gallery to beautify the borough of Brooklyn.

Meggs painting

Boa Mistura is a team of artists whose mission it is to share positive messages and brighten neighborhoods with their colorful outdoor painting projects. Based out of Madrid, Spain, their latest project has brought them to Brooklyn, New York for the first time. In partnership with community members, the team painted four colorful and personally meaningful quotations that can be found throughout South Slope.

Pablo y Juan

Citing that they’ve been big fans since a young age, the painters took inspiration from one of their favorite Hip Hop artists to create the murals. The team thought it perfect to sample well known lyrics from none other than the Brooklyn born and raised Notorious B.I.G.. By doing so, Boa Mistura hoped to make the murals both vibrant and relevant.

Spread Love

In addition to the murals, Boa Mistura’s exhibition, Spread Love, It’s the Brooklyn Way, has been on at Open Source Gallery since August 10th and will be closing on the 27th. There they are exhibiting screen prints, as well as a video documenting the mural painting process. For more information, click through these links for the press release, Boa Mistura’s website, and a video about the project.