Georgia O’Keeffe: Living Modern progressive and independent lifestyle through a self-crafted public person


Georgia O’Keeffe was an American painter who created innovative impressionist images that challenged perceptions and evolved constantly throughout her career.

Though it may be the most recognizable style of O’Keefe’s that collected the large price, her varied body of work shows much more variety than the one style she’s most known for. Within her work and life, O’Keeffe was unapologetically true to her own vision. When she did attempt to supersede her intuition to complete hired work, she became troubled and always retreated back to what felt familiar and natural. She remains one of the most important and innovative artists of the twentieth century.

The exhibition, now in its final weeks, expands our understanding of O’Keeffe by focusing on her wardrobe, shown for the first time alongside key paintings and photographs. It confirms and explores her determination to be in charge of how the world understood her identity and artistic values.

Closing July 23, 2017

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