2020 HAD Senior Theses

All of the HAD Senior Thesis projects from 2020 can be reviewed here.

You can view each students poster and audio. Just play the audio and click on the poster to view and hear comments.

Congratulations to all graduating students!

Laura Arike

Modern Marionettes: The Triadic Ballet and Utopian Androgyny

BA, Advisor: Marsha Morton

June Bendich

Decolonize this Place at the 2019 Whitney Biennial                   

BFA, Advisor: Agnes Berecz

Olivia Cranney

Late Medieval Sgraffito Production of Venice and its Influences                                                                                                    

BA, Advisor: Diana Gisolfi

Rachel Kelleher

Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Jane Morris: the Influential Celebration of new Ideals of Dress and Beauty in Victorian England

BFA, Advisor: Marsha Morton


The Mithraeum of Lucretius Menander at Ostia Antica, Italy, in Light of Technical Analysis of the Wall Paintings

BFA, Advisor: Peter De Staebler

Yesenia Valle Mora

More than Aesthetics: Tiffany Lamps as Industrial Design                                                                                                              

BFA, Advisor: Erica Morawski