Student Awards

Congratulations to Eliza Ross & Claire Wu for the nomination of Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Film Criticism

Professor Eszter Polonyi nominated Eliza Ross and Claire Wu for the HAD Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Film Criticism.

Professor Polonyi on the nominees:

Eliza Ross is a Senior 3D Animation major, her thesis professor is Everett Kane, and she wrote a final research paper entitled “Decolonizing Documentary Practices Through Ousmane Sembène’s Borom Sarret (1963).” Eliza demonstrated great capacity for clarity and rigor in her reasoning as well as an understanding of the main challenges facing historical narratives of the documentary form today.

Claire Wu, Junior Painting major, no thesis advisor as of yet, wrote a final research paper entitled “Hunters in Woods: the Potential of Unspecificity” in which she demonstrated outstanding capacities of visual analysis and promise in her writing.

Congratulations to Anna Flinchbaugh for receiving the Dunlap Fellowship

Anna Flinchbaugh was selected by the William Morris Society in the United States as the recipient of the organization’s 2020 Joseph R. Dunlap Memorial Fellowship. The fellowship provides funding to support scholarly and creative work about William Morris. She will be using the award to support travel this spring and summer to research the Morris & Co. Embroidery Workshop. This research has its roots in a presentation on May Morris that she completed for Professor Lasc’s course “Daughters of Eve” during her first semester and she plans for it to eventually grow into her thesis.
I am so thrilled and grateful for the opportunities for primary source research that the fellowship makes possible.
– Anna Flinchbaugh

Audrey Kenison: Examination of Chantal Akerman’s News From Home

Professor Polonyi on Audrey Kenison:

Audrey Kenison wrote an outstanding essay for her research paper in my History of Documentary lecture class this Fall. Her paper examines Chantal Akerman’s News From Home and makes use of feminist literature and theories of the documentary tradition. I think her critical writing demonstrates great potential and should be encouraged, and am therefore nominating her for the History of Art and Design Department’s undergraduate writing award.


Nathan Ginter: Critical Reception of Dziga Vertov’s Man with a Movie Camera

Professor Polonyi on Nathan Ginter:

With this award, I am proud to recognize freshman student Nathan Ginter as having submitted an outstanding essay on the critical reception of Dziga Vertov’s Man with a Movie Camera (1929) for the research paper requirement of the Spring 2019 “History of Film” class.

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