2022 HAD Graduate Theses

All of the HAD Graduate Thesis projects from 2022 can be reviewed here.

You can view each student’s poster and audio. Just play the audio and click on the poster to view and hear comments.

Congratulations to all graduating students!

Jack Patterson

Henri Chopin: From the Paper Civilization to The Electronic Age

Advisor: Agnes Berecz

Maggie Portis

Designed Propaganda: The Model Apartment at the 1959 American Exhibition in Moscow

Advisor: Anca Lasc

Miranda Siler

Beyond “the Fountain”: Mapping a New Entrypoint to the Society of Independent Artists

Advisor: Karyn Zieve

Thesis poster by Miranda Siler

Olli Toppeta

Art as Witness, Teacher, Action: Chilean Public Art, 1970-1990

Advisor: Erica Morawski

Thesis poster by Olli Toppeta