15bikes! A Pratt student project to build community change.

Give a child a bicycle and the possibilities for imaginative adventure are limitless. But give a child in a developing country a bicycle could change his life. That’s the vision that drives Colombian Architect Adriana Lancheros to invite people to build change.

Adriana Lancheros Architect

Lancheros, who studies a Master on Sustainable Environmental Systems at Pratt Institute, New York, is working to improve the health and sustainability of children of  Ventaquemada, Colombia. By increasing the use of bicycles as transportation, the team will connect youth with the living systems of their local area, in order to build a diverse community of visionary young leaders.

Lancheros, 24, got the idea to start the project after taking a course Sustainable Communities with professors Jaime Stein and Ron Shiffman. During the course professor Jaimie asked students to describe a community you were familiar to. Children from Ventaquemada, Colombia were her first thought. “The project started with my family. We have been volunteering this community for a long time and this is the first time we will give bikes with a measurable purpose” Lancheros said.


The team is committed to effectively monitor and evaluate the impact. The objective is to measure how communities would use the bicycles and set out to analyze their financing standing, access to healthcare, household health and education. The project will start running this December 2017 with 15 bicycles for 15 children.

Lancheros encourage all the students to transform lives and empower communities all over the world.

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Adriana Lancheros