Congratulations to Dr. John R. Decker’s Recent Published Chapter

John R. Decker, “Dürer’s Feast of the Rose Garland and the Scuola dei Tedeschi as Strategies for Mediating Foreign, Masculine Identity,” in Carlee A. Bradbury and Michelle Moseley-Christian, eds. Gender, Otherness, and Culture in Medieval and Early Modern Art (London: Palgrave, 2017): 121-150.

In this essay, Decker explores the ways in which the community of German merchants in early sixteenth-century Venice created, negotiated, and projected an public face for itself using Albrecht Dürer’s Feast of the Rosegarlands. Decker argues that the altarpiece, and also the confraternity the Germans established, were tools in a larger strategy to mediate foreign, masculine identity.