Congratulations to Professor Joyce Polistena on the publication at the Kentler Gallery

Professor Joyce Polistena published the essay on Richard Mock (1944-2006) for the current exhibition at the Kentler Gallery (on view June 12 – July 25). Mock was a much-admired activist artist and a political radical whose linotype prints appeared in The New York Times Op-Ed pages from 1980-1996. Mock’s creative energies were devoted to the cultural plurality of the world around him and his art came from a personal credo that held humanity in the highest regard.

Please click on the thumbnail below and read the essay.

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Image credits:

Figure 1: Richard Mock, Gentrification Slug, Linocut, 12/80, 18 in X 20 in, 2003.
Figure 2: Richard Mock, American Voter, linoleum block print, 15″ x 19 3/4″, 2002.
Figure 3&4: Richard Mock, New Republican Agenda, linoleum block print and preliminary sketch, 1998.
Figure 5: Richard Mock, Refugee, Linoleum block print, Edition: 2/50, 21″ X 17 1/8″, 1994.

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