Congratulations to Professor Karnet on Her Upcoming Exhibition

Professor Sue Karnet will be part of Solas Studio’s Spring Showcase 2021 from March 1st – March 31st along with other artists living and working in NYC. This series of exhibitions will include photography, drawing, painting, and new media.

Featured Artists: Naomi Basu – Erin Cavanaugh – Elaine Chao – Bree Chapin – Colin Chapin – Eugene Cuoco – Liam Cotter – Coner Corbett – Thomas Crouch – Nick Denning – Rowynn Dumont – Mia Grimes – Sue Karnet – Erik LaMarca – Morgan Jesse Lappin – Austin Lee – Annie Legnini – Eileen Liu – Matthew McGann – Angela Miskis – Maria Petrovskaya – Furusho von Puttkammer – Conner Reddan – Orlando Saverino-Loeb – Anna Pasztor – Armand Ruhlman – Rodney Sanon – Kim Tateo – David Vega – Sharon Volpe – Kate Watkins – Brandon Wisecarver – Hannah Witner

Please note that in accordance with COVID-19 protocols physical viewings will be limited to 4 guests at a time. You must reserve your time-slot in advance via Eventbrite.

Click here for more information.