Congratulations to Professor Tashima Thomas on Her Recent Accomplishments

Professor Tashima Thomas and her co-editor Corina L. Apostol are the winners of the Apex Art Exhibition Open Call 2022-2023! Their exhibition, “Flora Fantastic: Eco-Critical Contemporary Botanical Art” will be coming to NYC. There were over 600 voters and 23,000 votes cast. Professor Thomas and Apostol also have a book under contract with Routledge with the same title as the exhibition that will be published next year.

For more information, please see here.

Professor Thomas also has a book chapter that was published in August 2021 with MIT Press,
“Modern Food as Racialized Performance: Blackness and Bananas, The Josephine Baker Effect,” in Acquired Tastes: Stories about the Origins of Modern Food [Edited by Benjamin Cohen, Anna Zeide and Michael Kideckel,]

For more information, please see here.

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