Professor Edwards Reads at the 45th International PMR & at the SECAC Conference

Mary D. Edwards read a paper at the 45th International Patristic, Medieval and Renaissance Conference (PMR) On October 17 at Villanova University, entitled “The Doubled Image in Medieval and Renaissance Culture.”

This paper is an expansion of a small section of Professor Edwards’ recent book, “Doppelgangers, Alter-egos and Mirror Images in Western Art 1840-2010,” this paper treated pictorial or sculptural representations of the body and soul, shadow and substance, Janus configurations that represent past and future, mirror images, hybrid forms, and double-decker tombs which portray the deceased asleep at one level and the corpse of the same person in decay at another level. 

Tomb of Thomas Beckington, 15th century (Wells Cathedral)

Professor Edwards will also be reading a paper at the annual SECAC conference on Wednesday, December 8th. This year the conference will be hosted virtually by Virginia Commonwealth University and entitled “Reflections on Salvador Dali’s Metamorphosis of Narcissus.” In this paper, Professor Edwards will focus on the influence on Dalí of Edward James, Pavel Tchelitchew, Christian ritual, and a painting by Piero di Cosimo.

Salvador Dali, Metamorphosis of Narcissus, 1937 (Tate Gallery)