Professor Meggs Launches Petition: Morgan Library – Only White Males in 2019? Fix It 2020!

The Morgan Library & Museum, an internationally renowned museum and scholarly research center located in the heart of New York City, just released their shows for 2019, and they are ONLY exhibiting solo shows by white males this year. You can read their full list, released February 15, 2019, here:
Elizabeth Meggs has launched a petition, located here: calling on the Morgan Library & Museum to rectify their institutionally gender-biased solo show programming of 2019 by challenging them to include a diverse array of ONLY women in 2020.
When esteemed and established arts institutions like the Morgan Library & Museum tell the world that only men deserve solo exhibitions, it deeply hurts the reputations of, and devalues the accomplishments by, women. When major institutions devalue women, it hurts the careers of living women artists both professionally and economically.
Elizabeth Meggs’ goal is to get 10,000 signatures so that the petition will have as much power and credibility as possible when it is presented it to the Morgan Library & Museum. Thanks for considering signing and/or sharing the petition!